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Alright, I guess I'll make a post (since a couple of people said I needed to, heh.) I moved back down to Purdue today...I'm sitting in David's apartment right now. Well, I guess it's technically my apartment for the summer, but it still feels like I'm just visiting. It feels sort of strange how I'm here and he's not...le sigh. Anyway, I'll try not to turn this into EmoJournal.

I need to do a lot of random crap. Most importantly I need to go grocery shopping. I'll do that tomorrow - I'm too tired from packing and driving and unpacking today. I'm going to force myself to buy relatively healthy stuff. No pop...just milk and juice. Going to buy some fruit too so I snack on that instead of other crud. I'm probably going to end up losing weight this summer, which is a good thing. I sort of want to exercise a bit more, and I'll probably be eating better (and less food, heh...)

I brought my easel and paint and canvas down with me too. Now that it's sort of set up I'm really itching to go at it. I don't know what I want to do, so I'll have to plan a little first. I've also been hashing out a plot for my unfinished Greek story from Nanowrimo. I think this actually has the potential to be finished. It's lighthearted, therefor really fun to write. My more serious stories get tedious after a while.

I'm also debating if I should get the new DDR and a new pad. Tempting. I know if I get a pad that works and new songs I'll be more inclined to play, and I rather do that for exercise than running around campus aimlessly or going to the RSC. Hmmmm.

Oh, and I have wifi for pokemon now, so if anyone wants to battle, IM me ;P I'm around lv 55-58, though I could always user lower level random pokemon if you want. I'm also breeding a heck of a lot of Eevees, and I'll probably have a couple extra if anyone wants them.
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