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College Junk

College-y things I've done so far:

1. Eating dorm food
2. Going to eat lunch in pajamas
3. Eating dinner after 10 PM
4. Sitting down in the wrong classroom
5. Forgetting to go to a class
6. Going to a football game
7. Riding the bus
8. Riding the bus a distance that could have easily been walked
9. Being woken up by the Boilermaker Special
10. Buying books
11. Showering
12. Walking to class in the rain
13. Getting all your meals for a day for free somewhere
14. Gotten free food from random Baptist Group
15. Eating only dessert for dinner
16. Doing laundry
17. Staying out until 2 AM
18. Standing in line for over an hour for free food
19. Going a week without drinking any sort of pop

I am unable to make real livejournal posts anymore, yay! Sigh.
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