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All my posts from now on will be friends locked. You can thank my mom for that. Yes mom, I know you're reading this now. Thank you for violating my privacy. Post here if you want to be friended.
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Me, please.
Don't worry, you're already friended =P
My mom did that to me last year, which is why my journal is friends only, too. It makes things alot easier.
This is why you should only post about dry, epic events.
Oh my god, from i_wank? XDD I tell people about your icon all the friggin' time. You're hero.
I've known Tasha since I was in the 5th grade XP
You've grown up so well! =D *mommy tear*
That be me. I use the same icon.
I'm now going to be a terrible person and ask if you have an extra journalfen code: I hear that that is how things go over yonder, and I have long been a lurker in the wank forums.

Or perhaps I'm completely misinformed about how to get an account, and I sound like a douchebag. ^_~
I don't think I do, sorry. You can post anonymously, and then apply to this comm, after you've passed muster.

Will do. Thanks.
Make sure you sign all your comments.
Me, plz.
happy b-day