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So, I've thrown together a general plot idea. Well, it's more of an idea than a plot - I'm good at creating circumstances, but not the conflict to drive the story along. I'd like any sort of suggestions you could give for a plot. Here's what I have so far:

The story takes place in the future, and the main focus of the book will be genetic advances (I'm a biology major and working in a genetics lab, so fact checking won't be an issue). In my future, the religious right has gained an even stronger hold on the US. Scientific progress has practically come to a stop because it has been outlawed, and the rest of the world moves on. Some countries are making very good use of it, curing diseases and engineering disease-free children. One of the last genetics labs in the US has recently gone past the usual "acceptable" genetic modification (just getting rid of disease) and have helped a couple produce the "perfect" child - a little girl who's incredibly healthy, pretty, intelligent, athletic, etc.

Either religious "activists" or the government itself eventually figure out the identity of the child and come to get the little girl, and in the process of breaking into her house kills her parents (maybe she wasn't there). She has to be snuck out of the US and deal with the repercussions of her genes - even though she's "perfect," she has a terrible life, never being allowed to grow up like a normal child.

I'm just mainly asking for the main plot. After this initial thing, what happens? Does she just try to escape? Get pay back? What? Also, I sort of imagine the US being in another civil war, this time conservative vs liberal states, maybe Canada accepting US refugees who are fleeing. Is this too much? That's not as important - mainly I just need plot fodder to get me going after the first few chapters.

Any ideas? >_>
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